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SmartGen 6.0 UECP Uyumlu RDS/RBDS Encoder
  • SmartGen 6.0 UECP Uyumlu RDS/RBDS Encoder

    Highly customizable, UECP compatible RDS Encoder

    • Fully Digital Synthesis of RDS signal with excellent quality and spectral purity
    • Fully independent RDS decoder for self-monitoring purposes
    • Front panel LCD Display and Buttons for operating without a computer
    • Remote configuration via ASCII or UECP protocols through RS232, LAN, USB
    • Supported Network Protocols: HTTP, FTP, SNMP, SMTP, UpNP, UDP and TCP
    • 4 x user-defined GPO, allowing easy management of external devices when needed
    • 2 x General Purpose Inputs with user-defined functionality
    • Includes the TA function for traffic message priority override
    • Alert notifications on user-defined events via SNMP traps or E-mails
    • Real time clock Schedules for Scrolling Text and text lists
    • Custom HTML formatted E-mail templates with dynamic variables
    • SNTP & GPS module for automatic synchronization of the built-in clock
    • Supports European CENELEC and United States NRSC standards
    • Attractive price and very good price-performance ratio
    • Full support of Open Data Applications
    • Supports RT+ for songs and content tagging
    • PS & Radio Text Scrolling Options
    • Supports TMC (Traffic Message Channel)


    • Compatible with EWS (Emergency Warning System)
    • Embedded WEB server for interactive supervision
    • Fully compatible with UECP EBU SPB490 Version 7.05
    • MPX Loopthrough & Sidechain Modes
    • Internal or external Pilot / MPX synchronization
    • Very Intuitive UECP Configuration Software
    • Remote RDS viewer to visualize broadcasted data
    • Proved and reliable hardware for 24/7/365 operating
    • Easy Installation and Setup
    • LAN, USB & 2 x RS-232 Interfaces
    • Embedded SNMP agent permitting active management tasks
    • Interfaces with all popular radio automation systems
    • Built-in dedicated 19kHz source for internal sync
    • Built-in failsafe bypass relay
    • Separate outputs for RDS+MPX and for RDS only
    • Works with any FM exciter and stereo generator
    • Internal data diagnostics and transmission safeguards
    • 19" Professional Case for high RF immunity
    Stokta bulunmayan ürünler siparişi takiben 2-4 hafta içerisinde teslim edilecektir.
    Stok kodu: DEVA SG6
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