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DB4004 DSP Tabanlı FM Radyo Yayın Takip
  • DB4004 DSP Tabanlı FM Radyo Yayın Takip

    The DB4004 is second generation digital FM Radio Modulation


    Analyzer, built on DEVA’s long-standing expertise in the broadcasting equipment industry. This powerful monitoring system allows easy and reliable monitoring of the quality of up to 50 FM radio stations. With its TCP/IP and GSM (optional) connectivity, the DB4004 utilizes options and controls never seen before.

    All measurements are refreshed simultaneously and synchronously due to the DB4004’s great processing power, thereby allowing detailed readings of all the multiplex FM signal components. The signal digitizing takes place at the input, processing the signal through DSP algorithms. Thus equipment measurement reproducibility over time is guaranteed. The powerful accuracy of the digital filters ensures that the FM multiplex signal components will be accurately and repeatedly transferred from one device to any another. In addition to the list of all the DB4004 features, the channel measurements and logs are saved in internal device memory, accessible via the built-in FTP system.


    Stok kodu: DEVA DB4004
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